The Gold Standard Experience

Gold Standard Diagnostics provides comprehensive diagnostic solutions that improve lab efficiency and minimize overall costs. Through an extensive product menu and outstanding customer service, we solve real laboratory problems. The result is a seamless laboratory experience achieved through our integrated approach. GSD provides a total solution that improves laboratory efficiency while maintaining low total cost of ownership for instrumentation, consumables and support. Our excellent customer service and support is with you from beginning to end to ensure immediate and maximum benefit for your operation. At Gold Standard Diagnostics, we strive to simplify your laboratory experience.

GSD products

Extensive Product Portfolio

Our large portfolio of diagnostic products is designed to meet the needs of any laboratory. We manufacture a unique line of products, and also provide a wide range of other proven products and cutting-edge technologies.

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GSD ThunderBolt® automation platform

Innovative Instrumentation

To an authorized reseller of the ThunderBolt®, or as the automation platform for a partner reagent manufacturer, the ThunderBolt® is a valuable product offering. Through a host of patent-pending features, the ThunderBolt® delivers exceptional power and flexibility in a small size. The dual function analyzer provides complete, walk-away automation of 192 patient samples in only a 2’ by 2’ space. Completely open architecture allows any EIA or CLIA protocol to be programmed, and up to eight different protocols to run in a single batch. Intuitive and robust software further enriches the ThunderBolt®, making it the total laboratory automation solution.

GSD Gold Standard Diagnostics Service and Support

Service & Support

The goal of our outstanding service is to ensure effortless evaluation, installation and ownership of our instrumentation and products. We provide a single source of support and training for the entire solution of hardware, software, and products allowing your lab to avoid troubleshooting delays caused by dealing with multiple vendors. Whether it is the initial evaluation of our package in your lab or support many years after installation, you can expect prompt, professional responses to your needs no matter what time of day or night. Read more...