GSD’s engineering division, Gold Standard Engineering, possesses capabilities for both instrument hardware and software development. Many companies are limited to either hardware or biologics, but we develop innovative products for both.

We test and build our own designs, and also work with partners from  throughout the entire design cycle from prototyping to production.


GSD develops new platforms to automate cutting-edge technologies in the clinical sphere. Our team focuses on developing engineering designs that optimize the automation of laboratory testing.

We have streamlined the process of moving new instrumentation from proof of concept to prototype to final product. Our engineering and R&D teams are not only able to implement innovative solutions, but also provide sustained engineering for ongoing product improvement.


New software applications that complement our instrument platforms are developed by our expert software engineering group to be innovative and effective, but also to provide a clean user-friendly interface experience.

GSD designs and implements the software for our automated platforms to meet the specific needs of its customers. Our Software Development eam works closely with our Technical Services team to fully understand the goals and requirements of our customers.

GSD understands the requirements for developing products that comply with the appropriate guidelines to meet regulatory standards. Our structured approach to design and development allows us to work quickly, efficiently, and to meet the design requirements necessary.